From my Mom’s Point of View

Last year I did a five night backpacking trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area with my mom and her german shepherd Dux. I recently got the photos that she took while we were up there. Everyone has there unique perspective and this is hers.



How do you keep the bears out of your garbage?20140603_093736

Dinner from the warmth of the tent on after a rainy day of canoeing.20140603_164940 20140603_165011 20140603_165036 20140604_083917 20140604_083930 20140604_084051 20140604_084125

Drying out our wet clothes.20140604_084127 20140604_084455 20140604_152002 20140605_092759

The outdoor facilities, never had a better view during the morning constitutional.20140605_132021

Not as heavy as it looks but awkward enough to cause some issues on tight portages.20140605_132038-1