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Omaha Hike: N.P. Dodge Park – Missouri River North

This used to be one of my favorite hikes in town, until flood waters washed away the trail and caused a lot of downed trees. It’s still a very pretty walk but the going is difficult due to some obstacles, and it becomes nearly unpassable in the summer and fall when everything becomes overgrown.

The trail is located in the most eastern part of N. P. Dodge park, near the marina entrance. It’s not well marked, but you’ll see a small parking area that fits about three cars and a recently added garbage can.

The trail is well defined to the river and sometimes you’ll see people fishing and it’s sometimes a popular spot for teenagers. Once you get to the river and start heading north the trail is nearly nonexistent and I recommend just sticking along the river. Once you get to the Northern end of the trail you’ll see the exit trail as it’s another well defined path to the river. The exit trail is currently filled with downed trees.



Once you get through the obstacle course it’s a short road walk back to your vehicle.

  • Distance: 1.8 Miles
  • My time: 45 minutes
  • Elevation: Flat
  • Difficulty(out of 10): 5 When the path is relatively clear.

Download GPS file here (right click save as).

Favorite Things: The Week in Review

Every Sunday without fail, I wake up enjoy a hot breakfast, coffee, and Hendrik Morkel’s The Week in Review. His website, Hiking in Finland, is all about hiking in backpacking throughout Finland. The focus is mainly on gear and trip reports, like many other hikers he likes to read about other peoples adventures and gear choices. He compiles a weekly list that is a joy to go through for anyone interested in the outdoors at all. It’s broken down into News, Trip Reports, and Gear Reviews. The news section pertains to any big news happening in the outdoor industry and more. Trip Reports links to many other hikers and their adventures on the trail. Gear Reviews is exactly what it sounds like, but it’s a great way to learn about new gear and perhaps update your own with something better.